Recently Moved? 3 Steps to Change Your Dentist

Posted Jul 21st, 2016

Recently Moved? 3 Steps to Change Your Dentist

The dentists at Kent Street Dental Centre are welcoming new patients. If you are new to the Ottawa area, we can be your new family dentists. Ask us today how to become a patient at Kent Street Dental Centre .

You may need to change your dentist if you have recently moved, have changed jobs, or would like a new dental experience. The good news is that the dentists at Kent Street Dental Centre are here for you.

We will handle the transfer of records and medical information. All you need to do is book an initial appointment.

Step 1: Call Kent Street Dental Centre to schedule a consultation appointment

Step 2: With your permission, we will call your old dentist and move over your dental records

Step 3: Come in for your initial consultation. We may perform an overall oral health exam and provide you with a customized treatment plan.

We offer a complimentary first visit for you to come see the office. If you have children, we can provide you with a kid-friendly tour. We will show your kids the fun areas of the office, and make them feel at home during their visit. Then you can decide if our practice is right for you.

How to find a dentist office:

You may be new to the area and not know where to start! Here are some places that you can look for more information to find a dentist that fits your personality:

  1. Online search
  2. Ask a neighbour
  3. Social Media
  4. Local businesses

Moving can be hard, but changing dentists doesn’t have to be. Ask the professionals at Kent Street Dental Centre if you are interested in visiting our dental practice in Ottawa. Request Appointment

Looking for a dentist in Ottawa? Get in touch with our friendly team at Kent Street Dental Centre today!

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