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Bone Grafting for Dental Implants

If your dentist recommends a dental implant to replace missing teeth, you may need a bone graft before your procedure. In this post, our Ottawa dentists explain bone grafting for dental implants.

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How do I know when to have my wisdom teeth pulled?

Are you wondering when you should get your wisdom teeth pulled? Our Ottawa dentists offer some advice about signs that your wisdom teeth should be removed.

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Dental Implants Healing Time

As with other types of surgery, dental surgery requires a recovery period. Today, our Ottawa dentists explain what you can expect during your recovery from dental implant surgery.

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What is dental surgery?

When people talk about dental surgery, what is it that they mean? How is it done and does it hurt? Here, we will cover these questions and more as our Ottawa dentists provide facts and answer FAQs from patients. 

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What are the upsides of dental implants?

Are you wondering why your dentist has recommended a dental implant? In this post, our Ottawa dentists list some reasons they may suggest this tooth replacement option.

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What foods can I eat after having teeth removed?

Are you wondering which foods you'll be able to eat after you’ve had one or several of your teeth removed? Our Ottawa dentists provide some tips on what to eat, and what to avoid after your dental surgery.

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What is it like living with dental implants?

If your dentist has recommended you get a dental implant, you're likely wondering what it will be like living with one. Our Ottawa dentists explain some of what you can expect day-to-day.

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Why would my dentist recommend an oral biopsy?

Wondering what you should expect from your oral biopsy, and why you need one? Our Ottawa dentists explain the procedure and answer common questions about this dental surgery.

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Is getting dental implants painful?

There are a great many benefits to dental implant surgery, restoring function and appearance to your smile following the loss of a tooth or teeth. Today, our Ottawa dentists answer common questions about any pain that may be associated with dental implant surgery.

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Is reconstructive oral surgery the right choice for me?

What is reconstructive oral surgery, and when would we recommend this procedure? Our Ottawa dentists provide some facts and describe tell-tale signs of when patients may need it.

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